Undercover as programmer


Hi there, I’m Marc, known as Ceeram on the internet. I love working on open source PHP projects in my spare time. Undercover as programmer, as i own a wholesale company that sells carparts and only code in my free time.

Open source

Projects I contribute to

  • CakePHP, core developer
  • Infinitas, core developer
  • Opauth, contributor
  • Released several open source CakePHP plugins
  • Contributed to several open source CakePHP plugins


Here are some talks that I’ve given on conferences.

  • Extending AuthComponent, talk on CakePHP AuthComponent adapters for authentication and authorization. Presented at CakeFest 2012
  • Create a RESTful API, talk on building a REST api, which focusses on the theory of REST. I have given this presentation in the CakePHP context at CakeFest 2012 and in general context on the AmsterdamPHP usergroup

Contact & Online presence


I am available for part-time freelance work, either development, training or workshops on CakePHP.